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Ark Gear Review: Sterling Audio ST31

So during a recent shopping spree… I basically picked up a Sterling Audio ST31 for next to nothing. No really, I bought a Sterling Audio ST55 for $200USD went to buy a shock mount for it and realized for the same money I could have grab a combo deal of the ST55/ST31 and the shock mount I wanted. When you break apart the deal it means the ST31 is worth about $75USD.

If you are interested head over to my page for more information…

Ark Gear Review: Blackstar HT Delay

Recently I obtained a Blackstar HT Delay pedal. To be honest I’ve been interested in a good delay for a few months and when I found this on sale I snagged it right away. By stacking different coupons I got mine for around $230USD, but this item normal sales for close to $300USD. At that price you could buy most other delay pedals and still have enough left over for some other fun stuff… that being said I guess it’s time to find out if the Blackstar HT Delay pedal is worth it.

If you are interested head over to my page for more information…

@licklibrary Lead for Absolute Beginners - initial thoughts

Thanks to the guys @licklibrary I have got in Lead Guitar for Beginners.

I fired it up yesterday and was treated to the same high quality presentation with the sound and video.  My only gripe is the ‘welcome to lick library’ section from famous guitarists at the beginning, the sound was higher than the rest of the DVD and I feel that the endorsements aren’t needed as the content speaks for itself.

The tutor on this one is Danny Gill, who is one of the best they have.  He explains enough and slows down to a good tempo for you to pick things up.

The DVD covers minor pentatonic and blues scales, which was good to have a refresher but absolute bread and butter for any budding lead player.

The most useful for me was phrases, which is well explained and there are good examples to give you a feel how to use them.

Review to come.

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Lick Library Membership - first thoughts

I signed up for the 3 DVD in 6 month online plan with Lick Library and I have a few niggles but the lessons are great.

I’ve sat down and downloaded a great Fleetwood Mac lesson, which I went through the chords and solo today in no time at all thanks to the quality of the video and tutor.

Few negatives:

  • Site seems slow
  • Picking my 3 DVD’s seems to cause panic at the checkout and it thinks I have to pay for membership again

But these are easily outweighed (once I get my DVD’s) by the positives.

More to come.

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[REVIEW] Lick Library - Dave Gilmour Solo’s

If you have been following Guitarist Hub for a while you know I’m a big fan of the Lick Library DVD’s and up for review this time is DAVE GILMOUR - The Solo’s.

Price: £23.99

Tutor: Jamie Humphries


  • Comfortably Numb
  • Money
  • Another brick in the wall
  • Time
  • Dogs

The Lick Library DVD’s offer amazing value for money, backing tracks and go at a great pace for you to pick up the songs that suits your ability.  Im not sure about everyone else but I prefer to see someone playing the track than following tabs, I’m definitely more of a visual person.

Jamie goes at a good pace and explain things when needed, remember its a DVD so you can go rewind whenever you want.

Although this is aimed squarely at Dave Gilmour fans, its a great lesson in blues and melodic playing.

Check it out at Lick Library.

G|H = Recommended for any Dave Gilmour fan but if you like blues also check it out.

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Project Guitar Mark II

Ive tried (and failed) a few times to get a project guitar going but I’ve been tracking some of eBay as I fancy a Les Paul.

Im looking at getting a Tokai or Vintage LP then going to put my own mark on it whilst learning some stuff about setting up at the same time.  The one I’m bidding on is beat up a bit so stage 1 relic is at least started, plan is to fit some burst buckers or EMG into it to learn about fitting pickups, then thinking of stuff as I get through it.

Will let you all know if manage to win this auction, its a great price so far.

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Orange Amps Add Authenticity to New 20th Century Boy Musical

A celebration of the life and songs of Marc Bolan and T.Rex




Orange Amps came to the fore at the height of flower power and psychedelia in the 1970’s. At the same time Marc Bolan and T.Rex, some of the most iconic performers of that time, were sitting around chatting in the Orange shop and using Orange Amps to make some of the greatest songs ever written.

Recently the world premiere of 20th Century Boy, a musical that celebrates the life and songs of Marc Bolan and T.Rex, opened at the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. The show features 27 hits and rarities from Bolan’s back catalogue and of course Orange Amps to keep it all authentic.

Marc Bolan, poet, electric warrior, king of glam rock, considered to be the godfather of punk rock, created in his short life a string of number one hits, a series of iconic images, and an army of obsessive fans. His influence is as relevant today as when he first burst on to the British music scene over forty years ago. Johnny Marr and Mika frequently cite him as one of their influences, and his music has been featured in major movies (Moulin Rouge, Jarhead and Billy Elliot) and a smash hit series Life on Mars.

This dynamic new musical, 20th Century Boy, takes a look behind the glitter and sequins to discover what drove the ‘bard of Hackney’ to become bigger and better. It features hits such as Hot Love, Telegram Sam, Children Of The Revolution, 20th Century Boy, and I Love To Boogie to name but a few. The musical was written by Peter Rowe in association with Gary Lloyd and George Maguire who plays Marc Bolan has been receiving rave reviews.

To find out more about the Orange Amps visit 

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